Results That You Can Expect From Propecia

Propecia is used  to treat hair loss. So many people ask if the drug will work.  In this article, we shall look at the results that you can expect from Propecia and if it really works.

What is Propecia, Will it Really Work

Propecia is a drug that is used to treat hair loss and in some countries it is a prescription only drug. The drug is very popular due to its effectiveness and it has a very low cost.

In a recent study so many conclusions were reached after a research was conducted. Here are the results of the study.

  • 66% men who took propecia had an increased hair growth.
  • 5% showed a huge increase   in hair growth.
  • 31% of men who took it showed a sensible hair growth improvement.  
  • 83% of the men who took the drug stopped experiencing hair loss.
  • 30% of the men who took the drug had a slight improvement in terms of hair growth.

According to the results above the drug is very effective. It can increase hair growth as well as stop hair loss.

Can Propecia Work For Everyone

Propecia can work for the majority of people that use it. Due to the fact that people are different, everyone that uses this drug may not have the same results. It may be effective for others while it may also not be effective for other people.

Make sure you do not use the drug on children.

How The Drug Works

It works by conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in a men’s body. DHT hormone is the hormone that is responsible for male pattern baldness in men. The drug can reduce hair loss or stop hair loss.

Does it Grow Hair

It can promote hair growth. It can make your hair grow stronger, thicker and faster than it was doing before. There are so many people who have noted that the drug can increase the thickness of hair.

How Long it Takes for The Drug to Work

It takes time for the treatment to work, it will not work the minute you start treatment. It will take three to six months for you to start seeing results of the treatment and in some men it may take longer. In a year you will start to see notable improvements in hair growth and thickness. If you continue experiencing hair loss, you should see a medical practitioner

How to Get the Best Results

Follow the instructions that you are given health care professionals if you want to get good results. Do not overdose, take the drug everyday . you cannot speed up the results of the drug so you should be patient. If you increase the dosage of the drug you could be harming your body. Increasing the dose also does not increase the results that the drug will bring.  There are side effects that you may see if you overdose. This drug is also given to people suffering from enlarged prostate.