What Will Happen if You Stop Taking Finasteride as A Hair Loss Treatment

If you are wondering what will happen after you stop taking finasteride for hair loss, you are at the right place. We are going to discuss if the hair loss prevention effects of finasteride are permanent. We are also going to discuss if the hair that was gained after using finasteride is going to thin and fall out again.

How Finasteride Works

Finasteride stops the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the male sex hormone responsible for baldness.

A daily dosage of 1mg finasteride is taken daily in order to decrease the DHT. When DHT is reduced, hair growth begins and hair loss stops. Finasteride however only prevents hair loss when it is active in the body.

Finasteride Works Only When You Are Taking It

For the drug to be effective, it needs to be taken every day. In men that are 18 years to 60, when taken, finasteride will last for five to six hours.  In men who are over the age of 70, the drug will last for eight hours. When you stop taking finasteride, the dosage of the drug declines slowly in the body.  The drug will be completely eliminated over the course of several days. The 5a-reductase enzyme will no longer be blocked if there is no finasteride in the body. Small percentages of testosterone will now be converted into DHT. Your hair follicles will be affected again and your hair will start to thin out. When you stop taking finasteride, you will lose the hair that you have gained and you will lose it in about a year. This means you have to keep taking it if you want to continue seeing positive results.

Can One Use Finasteride For a Long Time, Is It Safe?

You will have to take finasteride for a long time if you want to keep your hair, that is if you have the male pattern baldness condition.  So many men will have to take the drug for a long time. According to a study that was recently conducted, taking the drug over a long period of time will not affect you. You only need to continue taking it if you want to continue avoiding hair loss, you can stop taking it at any time.

Can The Effects of Finasteride Go Away After You Stop Taking it?

 Finasteride comes with its share of side effects. Most men who take finasteride often complain about sexual dysfunction. 1.3 percent of men that participated in a study of the drug experienced some form of erectile dysfunction.  There is a small percentage of men who also experienced tenderness of the breast as well as rashes. Some men stop experiencing the side effects of finasteride after they s9top taking the drug. However, a small percentage of  men go on to experience the side effects of finasteride after they stop taking the drug. Researchers are still doing research on the effects of finasteride.